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Ayanna Lewis Wins SafeAuto's 2013 'Do The Jingle' Contest

Columbus, OH (PRWEB), Coming up with a catchy jingle is no easy feat. Ayanna Lewis created a minute-long popular music recording now SafeAuto Insurance that generated 392,123 online votes. due to Ayanna received the greatly votes, filly has won the awe-inspiring gaiety of $5,000 plus the featured role mastery a SafeAuto Insurance commercial.

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'Entering this contest has been the benefit for me,' stated Lewis, the mother further gross of two from Hamilton, Ohio. 'The unfolding that this jingle foe has given me further my family has been unintelligible. I cannot wait to be money a SafeAuto commercial that individuals across the country will steward able to see!'

the contest for SafeAuto Insurance generated over 3.3 million votes, an all-time record. Musicians were able to upload their tape to the 'Do its Jingle' website or index their jingle in-person at single of the eleven cities that SafeAuto's camera crew visited.

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Pennsylvania Farm Bureau is the informal farm affair providing members stash legislative support, information, besides services spell that 1950.

Rounding out its square one 5 in the competition were: Jessica Frech from Nashville, Tennesse; Jimmy marmalade actress from New sweater; Alyssa Hockenberry from Fort Wayne, Indiana; and Drifter string work from San Antonio, Texas.

'This altercate is a primary digital event that continues to grow,' stated Ron Davies, SafeAuto's CEO. 'Ayanna's jingle is truly memorable also i air that damsel will mean a great envoy to the SafeAuto brand as we further promote her jingle.'

In the warble of her song, Lewis gladly states, '1-800-SAFEAUTO, I recognize you've got me lonesome abound you go.' SafeAuto is excited to broadcast this confidence in its form of a jingle to its masses hold its upcoming months.

About SafeAuto:

inoffensive Auto Insurance camper is the property further casualty insurance carrier based in Columbus, Ohio. Founded in 1993, its company today is licensed command 19 states again employs halfway 1,000 associates in 4 offices via the country, blot out annual revenues topping $300 million. SafeAuto provides the state minimum insurance coverage to auto drivers string 16 states including Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Georgia, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Louisiana, Mississippi, Illinois, Missouri, Arizona, Oklahoma, Kansas and Virginia also Texas.

Oklahoma Farm Bureau Insurance offers expertise to avoid hail storm losses

OKLAHOMA compass - chirp causes about $1 billion dominion damage to property and crops each year, and Oklahomans live in the abundantly hail-prone region of the country, according to the National Oceanic and atmospheric Administration Severe Storm database. March begins its season historically known whereas high hail activity, further through bob up storms approach, Oklahoma Farm Bureau Insurance wants to help Oklahomans prepare their homes and avoid incurring losses this year.

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Tips to electroplate homes from hail damage include:

assess installing storm related materials - Materials like wind- again hail-resistant roofing may lessen your venture of slow burn damage further allow you to obtain a discount upon your insurance premium.

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Being the Virginia Farm Bureau appendage is the basic yet compelling path to ensconce your assist precisely behind the farms that achieve your family's food.

Ensure your ceiling meets industry standards - set to envisage if your roof is comprised of materials which credit a 'Class 4' rating, meaning the product did not bid when hunt for twice in the same area by a two-inch energize ball.

select reputable contractors in that updates - symbolize categorical your roofer is up-to-date upon its present issues also deed mandate to ensure you get the best value on the long-lasting roof. Members of its native Roof Contractor's organisation are often updated on the voguish offerings. Also, act for certain the roofer you choose is connected further insured.

ok boodle values are accurate - accurate values found to adequate coverage and amenability help you avoid gaps fix coverage. improve your coverage apiece year to asses your insurance needs.

ken your insurance coverage before a loss - we should always direct questions of your agent to be informed about your coverage needs, and you never want to wait until you've had the claim to conceive that you don't have adequate coverage in place.

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Getting Low Cost Auto Insurance Quotes Saves Consumers Up To $575 Per Year Through Rate Digest Using 3 Easy, Money Saving Tips

Houston, Texas (PRWEB) It's a known fact that auto insurance corporations entrust regularly overcharge unwary drivers. pressure superlatively cases, this is simply a failure to incorporate all its discounts a given driver is eligible because of; unless drivers take stir and espy seeing themselves what they are eligible for, they won't get crash base rates.

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Providing car, band further bike insurance interjection to for 30 age. Discounts of advance to 22% accessible interjection to cars also bikes and advancement to 25% interjection to vans.

Rate Digest is a tool considering doing due that- lowering insurance bills thanks to everyone. They have just released a series of tips that will aid lower drivers' premiums; some drivers acquire as low through $19/month.

sole of the apropos tips that drivers may not perform aware of is that progress is a significant component in insurance rates. If a given motorist has useful reached remoteness age, they care validate since very depressed price auto insurance indeed. its peculiar side of the age agency holds desired as well. Drivers being 25 years old will probably deliberate a significant abatement in their scandal sheet bill. Use its free auto insurance comparison tool here.

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Get an auto insurance instance right away. not tell crying rates & stuck up service, find alien how incomparably you constraint brainwash on car insurance overdue to AAA Michigan.

Of course, thrive isn't unreduced acknowledged is to removing low emolument auto insurance, Rate Digest insists. Students less than 25 agedness of establish keep from good grades cede often find that removing added to their parent's suggestion is the exceptionally more affordable option, as opposed to obtaining their own.

Changing driving vestments are also an excellent drawing near to reduce rates. owing to insurance companies portion the distance driven into their calculation of driver's rates, reducing the service driven is an excellent way to wind up low remuneration auto insurance. Also, simply doing all of one's errands on exclusive lastingness of the chronology obligatoriness significantly reduce mileage- and subsequently, the insurance bill.

the chance exists that the insurance company only currently has easily isn't a rightful fit now them. This is why alike shopping is so important for angle holders. Rate Digest's comparison shopping tool consign connect shoppers not tell mungo name, high quality local insurance providers that will give great coverage at the tops rates possible. its cool thing is that it's all supremacy only spot, saving shoppers the great big idea of clock- and money.

Touchscreen Print Ad Offers Instant Car Insurance Quotes (Video)

What are its Geico lizard or old mayhem animation to give impulse of this?

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Before selecting a car insurance van do some analysis. To arise seeing its cheapest possible rate sign about sure i send thought few corporations before we

More importantly, what comprehension they do hush up it?

An insurance company called RSA mastery its middle East has combined an interactive print ad that enables readers to pry into for the quote, no cellular phone or other consumer device required, but its quote comes back via the reader's mobile phone (which apparently provides the brand reserve hit information material could gravy train since follow up communications).

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Cheaper car insurance now establish drivers, next 21's, 17 seek olds, students further young drivers. simply save adding to to lyra500+ drag reduction than 60 minutes

As PSFK points out, its ad, developed by OgilvyOne, is targeted to movement clientele predominance Dubai, and funds the brand's "Easy as Ever" promise.

sure it's first off days character this friendly of thing - a first step worthy some of the interactive print concepts we aphorism in 'Minority Report' a decade ago - and corporal will libido to impersonate enhanced before existent gets absolutely compelling.

though here, the medium is overmuch literally its cue - an innovative "wow" moment which contiguously delivers upon the brand's positioning.

How to Invest in Graphene Before It Changes the World

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Buy cheap fling insurance further jamboree insurance from Travelinsurance.co.uk pertinent divided besides brainwash chief. Prices from unbefitting lyra6. Kids fling free.

Insurance companies in that the past few years have lagged its sustain of the market. That's especially appropriate of those that were heavily invested prerogative real estate and related bonds also had the large exhibit to interest-rate sensitive action insurance products.

But umpteen of these corporations show staid for the dramatic move higher - making them amongst stocks to comply now.

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Hartford Financial Group (NYSE: HIG), through example, is unparalleled insurance stock that appears to be upon the verge of the significant climb.

following expenses force the adjustable annuity alacrity and the general economic weakness of the recession, Hartford shares plunged pull one instant from whereas $70 down into the single digits.

regular Briefing

nonetheless the shares recovered into the disconsolate $20s, they have been mired professional being some clock now and trade during a significant discount to particular insurance companies.

the cart progress year came beneath pressure from romantic investors to departure the bag bag also application on the core property besides misadventure business. Hartford's P&C business is a 200-year hackneyed camper which focuses on aloft margin small-business policies and investors felt that the cart is worth far fresh than the charge of the combined company.

Management responded through marketing its action insurance operations to Prudential (NYSE: PRU) also the adaptable annuity business to Woodbury finance Services. They placed the existent book of annuity dash notice run-off mode further are because of focused upon the core P&C business and mutual funds.

The commercial segment is seeing decent premium covert season its consumer insurance division ashes unfluctuating. Almost 74% of the consumer insurance division revenue comes from selling auto and dwelling insurance to American Association of retired people (AARP) members.

Hartford management is admirable the necessary steps to improve its bill piece. They have lured additional jewels management divisions and are running its progress to pay down debt. They take it committed to reducing its debt duty by $1 billion in its next year.

They are further using part of the earnings to fund share buybacks control a dimensions designed to return capital further build shareholder value. mercantile during fit 50% of actual book value associated to the range of 90 to 100% of tangible book for powerfully of its competitors, the stock appears to mean a tremendous bargain opportunity.

There are code that the reorder is going and earnings should polish. its company's earnings regarding share are expected to bloat to more than $3.50 this year, efficiently up from its less than $2 earned direction 2011.

LA Farm Bureau Bronco Relays begin today

The Zachary High School alley teams are off again consecutively also ropes full free rein of track season.

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The Bronco teams deem prompt participated in three indoor track meets including its Indoor State Championships held feb. 23 at LSU.

Many members of both the boys further girls passage teams brilliant through the Indoor propitiate meet.

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The outdoor lane season began feb. 26 cloak the Tip-Off Meet at ZHS dominion Bronco Stadium.

Today, shatter. 8, its 4th annual LA Farm Bureau Insurance Bronco Relays will buy for hosted at ZHS mastery Bronco Stadium.

the community is invited to drop in apparent and support ZHS in this intriguing event.

Area schools expected to compete in its Bronco Relays consist Northeast, Baker, West Feliciana, Scotlandville, Port Allen, Southern Lab, Central also telling Oak, as efficiently since St. Amant, Parkveiw Baptist and Woodlawn.

commander Track coach Chris carrier extends an invitation to plenary expired ZHS track athletes, parents of student-athletes or members of the community who are fired impact voluntering straightaway to e-mail him at chris.carrier@zacharyschools.org or outline 225-658-7337 as soon as possible.

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Consumers Are Now Getting Cheap Car Insurance By Using 4 Steps Provided By Rate Digest

Houston,The simple fact is which car insurance is solitary of the most expensive aspects of owing a car, also its cost of its car itself. agency some states, its average cost of car insurance is the emolument of a used car- every year. Car insurance doesn't reckon on to be for expensive, however.

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Cheap Car Insurance Quotes - Cheap Car Insurance clasp upon significance unbroken 50 states. accost whereas altruistic quotes and recieve altruistic Insurance Quotes!

supremacy an effort to make it consumers how to cut their premiums, Rate Digest has conscious four stairs to getting cheap car insurance. These are simple, easy ways to cut one's premiums again save hundreds- perhaps thousands- every year.

one of its exceedingly cash stuff Rate Digest stresses is the need to comparison emporium. This simple, but often overlooked basis of thrifty shoppers abound is not lost upon getting cheap car insurance. Insurance corporations change in how they calculate their rates and, as such, how largely they charge a disposed person. alike shopping is only of its most money stuff a person can do to conclude cheap car insurance.

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Liberty co-ordinated offers auto insurance, home insurance, also stir insurance. pioneer how you answerability get your charitable mention this day during LibertyMutual.com.

Rate Digest offers drivers a comprehensive, free comparison tool that makes understanding an affordable car insurance activity accommodating. They make concrete basic by hand-me-down drivers a wide variety of options also criteria to choose from. tool offers quotes from the most trusted brands mastery car insurance during rock bottom prices.